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T is, a professional, and reliable machinery manufacturer in the recycling industry, its main products include shredders and crushers, If you want to know more, you can also click here.
QuRan Machine Specializes In Manufacturing Shredders More Than10 Years
Shredding equipment.Scrap Aluminum Plastic Separating Machine. Lithium Battery Recycling Plant.Scrap Motor Recycling Machine.Plastic Recycling Machine.Waste Tyre Recycling Machine
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Strict Quality Control
Be responsible for every process and every machine. Every user, and serve users wholeheartedly.
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Extraordinary R&DTechnology
We are responsible for each customer, every product and every solution, achieving a win-win situation.
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Quran offers both pre-shredders and fine shredders, with capacities up to 200t/h and down to 10mm! to meet your different recycling standards.

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Our company has a professional technical team to provide customers with free technical solution consulting services, and issue customized solutions according to different requirements.

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Always pay attention to industry information and product upgrades, regularly push the latest news of the resource recycling industry, and better understand the prospects and values of the recycling industry.

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About us

We have been engaged in machinery manufacturing for many years. and have more than 10 years of development history and possess rich industry experience and processing technology.

Double Shaft Shredder

The most widely used equipment in the recycling industry

Recycling different waste types

The twin-shaft shredder can process a wide range of waste, and waste of different hardness, size, and material can be shredded.
Waste items

Construction and Renovation

Many components of construction and renovation waste can be separated and processed into new products or materials. Moreover, the good news is that it's not a costly or cumbersome process.


Household Waste

Municipal solid waste contains various valuable materials for recycling. Additionally, a large proportion of the components can be sorted, sold, or used again - for example in sustainable energy production.


Paper and cardboard

Paper and cardboard are often shredded during recycling before continuing their recycling process. Additionally, efficient pre-shredding makes recycling and transport more efficient.


Batteries and Circuit Boards Photovoltaic Panels

The coarse shredding step is the first step in the recycling process of all types of e-waste, and its purpose is to prepare for subsequent recycling steps.


Commercial and Industrial

Commercial and industrial (C&I) waste is an important source of raw materials for the production of derived fuels (RDF) and solid fuels (SRF), among others.Additionally, it serves as a far more environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels.


Plastic film and Plastic bottle

Plastic compounds and plastic bags cause difficulties in many recycling processes. Moreover, plastic is often durable and stretchy, and its size and type vary from package to film and cover.


Bulky Waste

Bulky waste such as furniture, televisions, kitchen appliances, washing machines, or bathroom fittings might be too large to be recycled conventionally. However, they are far too valuable to be left unutilized.

double shaft shredder


Waste-to-energy plants and energy-from-waste facilities can improve energy efficiency by using higher-quality waste fuels. Optimally shredded waste can also provide the continuous material flow required for stable, efficient combustion.

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