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Top, Professional and Reliable Manufacturer of Various Machinery

Henan Quran Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise focusing on the research, development, and production of environmental protection recycling equipment, especially waste tire and battery recycling equipment, which has unique advantages and strengths.

While Quran Machinery provides you with high-quality services, it will also share with you the news of the recycling industry and solutions in various recycling fields in the form of a blog. If there are no articles or solutions you want to know about here, you can click here.If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you can contact us by filling out the contact form below.

Our advantage

High-quality products and services are our aim

Provide comprehensive solutions based on customers’ actual needs, and cooperate in raw materials, technology, equipment, etc. to help customers grow and create more benefits for customers.

Our company will support customized products and strictly control quality, from matching design with customers, to production and finally to factory inspection, every step is strictly controlled.

A professional technical team solves pre-sales problems, while a professional after-sales maintenance team solves after-sales problems, and provides technical personnel to enter the factory to guide installation and production, completely solving customers' worries.

There are no middlemen, direct sales from the manufacturer, eliminating the intermediate sales link, and completely investing the cost in the production and manufacturing process, thereby ensuring product quality.


customer service


Our company will provide high-quality technical consulting services, understand customer needs, and then design on-site, reasonable and economical supporting solutions based on the actual production capacity.

case site


Our company will provide door-to-door installation services, and a professional technical team will come to install, debug equipment, guide and train personnel, and ultimately ensure the efficient operation of the machine.

work site


Our company will provide regular return visit services, which can help users optimize equipment maintenance and promptly analyze, and solve equipment problems reported by customers.

Our expert team provides you with technical support at any time

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