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Scrap Metal Crusher

Scrap Metal Crusher

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Product Brief

Maximum feed: less than 1000mm
Production capacity: 1-25t/h
Applicable materials: iron paint buckets, aluminum paint buckets, tin cans, paint cans, cans, tin, waste color steel tiles, paint cans, oil cans, etc.
Product overview: Metal shredders are mainly used in large-scale waste recycling markets.

Product Description

scrap shredder-2

Scrap metal crushers are mainly used in the waste recycling market and large-scale waste recycling market. Additionally, they can crush iron paint buckets, aluminum paint buckets, tin cans, paint cans, pop cans, tin sheets, waste color steel tiles, etc. Moreover, they can also crush paint cans, oil cans, etc., as long as it is metal, it can be destroyed. Our company’s pop can crusher has low noise, no pollution, and high crushing efficiency. Furthermore, carrying and transporting are convenient for feeding steelmaking, and the feeding frequency is also significantly reduced. This achieves the purpose of benefiting transportation and recycling. Additionally, we can design and process metal crusher equipment models suitable for your company according to the special requirements and suggestions of users.

Technical Features

1. The crushing chamber of the metal crusher has the advantages of large torque, high output, no noise, and wear resistance.
2. It has continuous feeding and intermittent feeding for scrap metal cans.
3. It can effectively remove the attachments of waste pop cans through crushing.
4. The equipment has the effect of dust removal and environmental protection.
5. The drive equipment of the machine is equipped with safe electrical maintenance, which can avoid equipment damage caused by failure.
6. It can continuously or intermittently feed materials, and evenly discharge materials to save space.
7. The fuselage adopts a reinforced structure with extra-thick steel plates and diagonal braces to ensure that the equipment can meet the overload operation.
8. The liner and the hammerhead are heat-treated to eliminate stress naturally, the chemical composition is more stable, and the service life is increased by more than 30%.
9. The pressing device pre-compresses the material, expands the feeding range, and improves production efficiency.
10. A safety door is set up. After unbreakable objects enter the crushing cavity, the operator can open the safety door to discharge them out of the machine to avoid damage to the crusher.
11. The hydraulic cover opening device saves time and labor for replacement and maintenance.
12. PLC control system and hydraulic power system, intelligent production saves time and effort, and the operation status of the equipment is clear at a glance.

Working Principle

The scrap metal shredder uses a high-speed rotating rotor to tear and break the long metal shavings. Additionally, the high-speed rotating (about 1000 rpm) main shaft is connected with multiple knife holders in series, and the circular plate is connected to the main shaft to rotate. Furthermore, the circular plate is equipped with fixed knives made of special steel and fixed on the cutter head. Moreover, there are four groups of swing knives, which rotate freely on their small axes. When scrap metal enters the crusher working room, it is first torn into large pieces by the high-speed rotating fixed knife and brought into the primary crusher. Furthermore, the paint on the large pieces of metal is separated from paper, rust, and other impurities. Additionally, at the same time, the material enters the secondary crushing chamber. As the gap gradually narrows, the scrap metal is crushed into very dense metal clusters, and the sieve holes flow out from the bottom sieve hole. This can be selected according to the broken particle size required by the metal shavings.



Spare and Wear Parts

Original equipment replacement parts for your JQS scrap metal crusher ensure proper fit, form, and function to reduce maintenance issues and increase longevity. Additionally, if your equipment fails, the productivity of your entire plant is at risk. Therefore, to avoid any losses, critical replacement parts are readily available when you need them. Furthermore, our global distribution logistics network ensures that spare and worn parts are available whenever you need them.

Service when you need it

Our service team consists of experts with extensive know-how when it comes to improving the performance of your JQS scrap metal crusher and the whole recycling process. Additionally, we meet all kinds of service needs at short notice – either as individual tasks or as part of a fixed service agreement. These services include, for example, emergency service, repairs, preventive maintenance, refurbishments, upgrades, process optimization, relocation services, and training.

Data Sheets


1. Blade claw’s quantity, diameter, and thickness can be customized based on material type and output size.
2. Different material types and final product sizes will lead to producing different capacities.
3.The model and brand of the motor reducer can be configured according to customer requirements.

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