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This blog tells about the recycling of Household Waste, we will also share with you the news of the recycling industry and solutions in various recycling fields in the form of a blog. You can click here if there are no articles or solutions you want to know. Bulky Waste
household garbage

Household Waste

Household waste sorting pretreatment

The value of domestic waste sorting and recycling

Domestic waste comprises a plethora of recyclable materials. Firstly, it encompasses a significant quantity of renewable resources, such as beverage bottles, metals, and paper, all of which are recyclable. Secondly, perishable waste, primarily kitchen waste, constitutes a substantial portion, ranging from 40% to 60%, and can serve as biomass energy. Thirdly, it includes high calorific value combustibles that can be processed into “alternative fuels (RDF, SRF)” to mitigate coal consumption.

Moreover, with various countries implementing domestic waste classification systems, there has been unprecedented attention on waste resource utilization. This initiative enables the recovery of various recyclable materials, including plastics (PET, PP, PE, etc.), mixed paper, cardboard, metals, and others, from domestic waste. Enhancing the recovery rate of domestic waste not only aids in resource conservation but also facilitates significant economic benefits for customers.

Household Waste Disposal Program

Introduction to Processing Systems

The mixed domestic waste solution integrates software and hardware, adopting a modular design. The production line covers a feeding system, crushing system, magnetic separation system, sorting system, RDF preparation system, etc.

The process begins with the crusher crushing the mixed domestic garbage into materials with smaller specifications. Subsequently, a magnetic separator separates iron and metal from the crushed materials. Finally, the high calorific value RDF fuel is produced, while the heavy material is sent back to the landfill.

Process flow

Household Waste Disposal Program-1

Output materials

Iron metal
RDF fuel

Main equipment



The equipment pre-shreds the domestic waste with strong power, ensuring stable and efficient operation. Additionally, it possesses characteristics such as large shearing force, good shredding effect, low noise, and a regular process.

fine crushing

fine crushing

Crushing domestic waste a second time reduces the size of materials and facilitates subsequent sorting and other processes. Moreover, the equipment is compact, robust, and possesses strong and reliable power.

Magnetic separator

Magnetic separator

The magnetic separator type is a permanent magnet self-unloading type, capable of effectively removing ferrous metals. This feature enables the recycling and reuse of metals while preventing them from entering the back-end link. Consequently, this prevents any adverse impact on the use of other equipment.

trommel screen

Trommel screen

The drum device screens the hard materials and inert materials of different sizes and specific gravity in domestic garbage. Additionally, it discharges the qualified materials through the screen mesh of the outer circle of the drum, while the unqualified materials are discharged through the end of the drum.

Mixing bin

Mixing bin

Regularly and quantitatively, the finely crushed household garbage is stored, stirred evenly, and then fed into the RDF preparation machine. This process exhibits characteristics such as low power consumption and stable operation.

RDF Preparer

RDF Preparer

The process begins by forming the finely crushed material into RDF granules through the principle of high-speed stamping. These granules exhibit characteristics of high density and are not easily lost.

Customer cases

Singapore customer case
Singapore customer case
Chile customer case
Malaysian customer case

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