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This blog tells about the recycling of Plastic film and Plastic bottle, we will also share with you the news of the recycling industry and solutions in various recycling fields in the form of a blog. You can click here if there are no articles or solutions you want to know. Bulky Waste

Plastic film and Plastic bottle

Solution introduction

Quran Machinery is committed to the production and research and development of various waste plastic cleaning and recycling technologies and equipment and provides cleaning and recycling solutions for different materials and reliable production equipment to users around the world. Our product line covers the recycling of PET bottles, PET bottle flakes, HDPE/PS, and PE/PP/PO films. Based on the designable output and modular design, we have rich experience in tailoring the corresponding cleaning and recycling scheme and equipment configuration according to the raw materials and needs of customers, effectively improving the quality and market competitiveness of recycled raw materials. PET equipment should be applied to the market. With the refinement of garbage classification, it will bring benefits to the recycling industry.

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Product Description

The PET bottle cleaning and recycling production line is also called pet plastic bottle crushing cleaning and recycling production line, polyester bottle recycling line, PET bottle crushing, cleaning and drying recycling production line, suitable for waste pet bottles (such as mineral water, cola, and other plastic bottles) ), a complete set of production equipment for relabeling, crushing, cleaning, drying, and packaging, a complete set of processing solutions for processing waste pet plastic bottles into polyester bottle flakes, and processing waste pet plastic bottles into recyclable high-quality pet bottle flakes. This equipment produces high-quality pet bottle flakes, which can be used to produce long-fiber products such as pet recycled polyester and other high-quality pet-related products. The production line is beautiful in appearance, low in energy consumption, high in output, practical, and reliable. The brand-new rinsing device can wash as soon as it is broken, which greatly improves production efficiency, and the washing material is clean, meeting the requirements of the first-class clean sheet.


PP PE film recycling and cleaning production line should be used for recycling plastic film, waste agricultural film, greenhouse film, mulch film, plastic bags, and other plastic products recycling cleaning and granulation complete production line equipment, this set of equipment is based on LDPE (PP/PE/PO) plastic A complete set of recycling schemes has been formulated by our company. Our company has studied the length of film recycling and cleaning production lines at home and abroad, combined with the years of experience of our scientific research department, and repeatedly tested and developed a new generation of high-efficiency, water-saving, time-saving and labor-saving equipment.

Working Principle

Recycled pet plastic bottles first pass through the “label stripping machine” to remove the label on the bottle body, and then pass through the “plane sorting conveyor”. In this step, the variegated bottles (such as green bottles, blue bottles, residual Impurities, etc.), and then enter the “crusher” for crushing, and then enter the “rinsing tank” for separation (realize the separation of pet bottle flakes from pp label paper and bottle caps), and then enter the “high-temperature pot” for heating and cleaning after separation. After coming out, it enters the “rinsing sink” for rinsing (removing the cleaning agent in high-temperature heating), and after rinsing, it enters the “dehydrator” for dehydration and then packs directly. For large output and high levels of bottle flakes, we can go through the whole bottle pre-washing link, label-off sorting link, primary crushing link, initial washing separation link, high-temperature cleaning link, neutralization cleaning link, rinsing and drying link, bottle flake selection link Wait for the whole set of fine cleaning to achieve high-precision cleaning tablets. This process is conventional. According to different production locations and different output requirements, our factory can also design different production plans according to customer needs.


PP PE waste film recycling cleaning machine is mainly composed of a conveyor belt, crusher (crusher), friction cleaning machine, sedimentation rinsing tank, chain material excavator, plastic squeezing dehydrator, control cabinet, etc. Sorting (sorting), crushing (crushing with water), friction cleaning, rinsing, squeezing and dehydration, and other recycling, granulation, and regeneration of waste plastics. The entire production line is very efficient in cleaning waste plastic products from the beginning of waste to finished products. , waste dirty agricultural film, and waste packaging materials. Simple operation, high efficiency, environmental protection, and energy saving.

Product Specifications:

The production line developed by Quran Machinery can be combined into a variety of specifications according to customer needs, from 300kg/h-6000kg/h, and our company has successful cases.
Efficient and water-saving equipment, the machine features: a beautiful appearance, low energy consumption, high output, practicality, and reliability. The brand-new rinsing device can be washed as soon as it is broken, which greatly improves production efficiency, and the cleanliness of the washing material is pure, meeting first-class purification requirements.

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